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Brian Foley

Tom Cruise Has Pain Too

Happy Independence Day. Merica. 

One time, I wrote a book about you

Not really.

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Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

Publishers Weekly


Today I was feeling colorless. Then I saw this review appear  in Publisher’s Weekly. It says:

Foley’s road-weary debut derives beauty from exhaustion and manages to counter, through the poems’ sparseness and crispness, the kind of poetry whose raison d’être is the exhaustion of beauty.”

Road weary is right. And I am exhausted. 

But this attention’s given me cause for pride where i wouldn’t have expected any today. It’s good to be heard. Thank you reviewer. I’m going to go buy a beer and read a book about somebody else’s life. 


Everyday Genius May 2014

During the month of May I was given the opportunity to edit Everyday Genius, which is part and parcel of Publishing Genius, What I love about EG is, because of its daily frequency, its commitment to risk as its own reward. What gets published might be ephemeral or profound, but it remains wholly distinct as a statement of its own day. 

I was given 22 days to curate. I chose to feature writers who are women. I loved being able to feature poem-collages from Harmony Holiday. I loved Ish Klein’s beautiful poem to her husband, Greg Purcell. I loved being at bar in town and Haley Thompson showing me a poem she was working on, getting real excited by it, and publishing it straight away. Francesca’s poem to her sister.Jennifer’s map. All of it. It brought me moved. 

Thank you to Adam Robinson & thank you to all the writers. This has been one of the most rewarding and pleasurable projects I’ve been involved in. Here is the issue:


Sara Nicholson

Ish Klein

Bianca Stone

Leopoldine Core

Jennifer Denrow

Wendy Xu

Jessica Bozek

Sadie Dupuis

Susan Briante

Emily Hunt

Julia Cohen

Shannon Tharp

Kelly Schirmann

Sara Renee Marshall

Harmony Holiday

Arda Collins

Hannah Brooks-Motl

Julie Doxsee

Lindsay Turner

Haley Rene Thompson

Amina Cain

Francesca Chabrier

or read the entire month of work as one long scroll.

Hike with Ehu

Hike with Ehu

Russian Totems

I had a few reactions to Luke Bloomfield’s Russian Novels when I first read it. You can see them now at the Black Ocean blog. I’ve way more to say on this book, but I plan on reading it for the rest of my life, so I’ll save it for later ok?

Zach Savich wrote this review on the Kenyon Review blog of my chapbook TOTEM. It’s nuts & goes: 

"It’s a book I could simply quote from, telling you about “partial darkness: / not clearly one thing or another: rather / the present.” You might hear a tinge of Ashbery in those lines’ evolving articulation of precise and highly qualified partiality, and a stammer that recalls Creeley, an accumulation that ends in clear ethics that recalls Oppen…Those associations might sound overblown, but I’ve recently done some readings with Foley, so I feel all right making them."

I don’t know what to say other than

"damn, dude".

I’m rarely eloquent and fear I disappoint Zach in my dumb response, but its wonderful to have a writer & mind I admire read TOTEM and respond in such an unexpected way. I really like those poems & am thankful someone else could too. Thank you Zach.

It’s good occasionally to remember with a picture 

It’s good occasionally to remember with a picture 

"what denies me love today helps me hold a job"